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About Us

Square Peg Consulting, Inc. is a woman-owned specialty consulting firm focused on helping individuals and organizations improve their results. Our consultants Amy Podurgal and Rich Podurgal, have extensive, global experience working across a variety of sectors, including health care, pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, academia, media, non–profits, and associations.


Amy Podurgal created Square Peg in 1999. Her previous experience at corporate giants Nortel, Merck and Glaxo showed her the value of building and maintaining strong leadership teams and enabling effective communication critical to achieving business results. Amy continues to earn new certifications and regularly participates in seminars to offer her clients the latest and best solutions.


As a Partner of Square Peg, Rich Podurgal brings over 25 years of human resources experience to the firm. He has led several companies through challenging periods of growth and transition using the same techniques he now shares with clients of Square Peg.


Amy and Rich have over 45 years experience working with executives and teams to improve performance, with managers and individuals to improve personal effectiveness, and with systems and processes to ensure alignment and results.

Amy Podurgal

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Rich Podurgal

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Square Peg Consulting, Inc.
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