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Square Peg works with large and small businesses in several fields. Some of our clients share their thoughts about their experience with Square Peg in the following testimonials:

We have received a tremendous benefit in working with Amy Podurgal and Square Peg Consulting in our business. Amy brings a unique blend of great business acumen and a superb OD skill set to the to the table. I believe what separates Amy from her competitors is the time and upfront preparation that she takes to understand your business; the issues you are looking to solve for; and partnering with you to develop the best plan of action to move the business forward. Amy is a true professional who continues to hone the skills of her trade to ensure that she brings her “A” game to every interaction she has.

Vice President Human Resources

Sunquest Information Systems

Rich is a visionary who offers a strategic approach to organization and human resource development. He is an excellent partner to senior management and deals effectively with all levels of employees. He provides insight to potential problems before they arise and offers outstanding leadership to deal with problems that have emerged. He can operate with very little guidance but is most comfotable in a team environment where management is able to articulate specific goals and objectives. He is an excellent manager, teacher, and mentor and operates very well in a rapidly changing environment. He has specific experience in the cultural assessment of acquisition targets (US and international) and can provide exceptional guidance on integration of personnel from diverse environments. He would be an outstanding addition to a rapidly growing firm with a bold vision.

CEO, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Constella Group

Rich is an employee advocate while at the same time staying focused on the needs of the organization. Rich is someone whom I respect for not only his professional abilities but as a person of integrity. He is an effective leader who focuses on outcomes and a valuable asset to any organization.

Executive Director

Health Decisions

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Square Peg Consulting, Inc.
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